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At a time when maintenance budgets are restricted, a proactive approach to maintenance is essential to ensure that your asset consistently performs. This webinar will outline the cost of corrosion to your business, how these costs can be minimized and the benefits of having a pro-active and integrated maintenance plan for your plant, asset and...Full Article »
Asset Integrity and performance are interdependent and the role of asset integrity as an integral discipline to improve safety standards is now well-recognised. Production efficiency improvements go hand in hand with robust asset integrity and should be a part of everyday business on a sustained basis.In this webinar, Peter Adam, Executive Vice...Full Article »
Conventional wisdom suggests that FPSOs are an expensive field development option suitable only for exploiting large plays in deep water. However, an increasing number of offshore players are re-writing the rules of engagement when it comes to considering floating production solutions to offshore field development challenges. In this presentation...Full Article »
Maersk Oil has been a leading voice in the use of FPSOs as an offshore field development solution of choice for a number of years. In this time, it has built up a wealth of experience in making the key decisions which ultimately determine a project’s success. In this webinar you will learn how to:Evaluate the benefits of conversion versus new...Full Article »
With FPSOs only increasing in popularity as field development solutions, it’s absolutely critical that all players in the sector are fully aware of the major reasons why costs overrun throughout the project from design to operation. This presentation will share with you how the key decisions made during the design phase of the FPSO project...Full Article »