Pre-Congress Workshops (17 February 2020)

9:00 am - 12:00 pm Workshop A | The Low-Manned Platform FPSO Guidebook – A One-Stop Platform to making FPSOs Self-Reliant

Joel Maisey - Principal Electrical, Control & Instrumentation Engineer, Crondall Energy
How do we realise the opportunity of a low-manned or even an unmanned FPSO? Following the oil price downturn, the resultant “lower for longer” oil price environment and the maturing of production basins have both renewed the focus on reducing OPEX. Reducing manning presents an opportunity to significantly decrease OPEX while reducing personnel exposure to risk. However, this reduction in manning cannot be realised through digitalisation alone without a fundamental change to design, operation and commercial models. Low-manning and unmanned solutions are the next exciting phase of development that is transforming the efficiency, productivity and technology of the FPSO industry. With a range of technology and equipment selection opportunities, it is challenging to identify the best initiatives that impact your manning. This interactive workshop will help participants understand the key areas for feasible impacts.
·         Uncovering the road map to an unmanned FPSO
·         Delivering a vision for low manning and unmanned facilities and navigating blockers to this vision
·         Identifying philosophy and behavioural changes in FPSO projects
·         Exploring opportunities for learning applications 

Joel Maisey

Principal Electrical, Control & Instrumentation Engineer
Crondall Energy