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View Your Event Guide - FPSO Europe Congress 2020

The FPSO Europe Congress will be back for its 6th edition, taking place on 17 - 20 February 2020. Take a look at our FPSO Europe Congress 2020 event guide. Our theme for next year is "Maximising Europe’s Marginal & Brownfield Reserves". We'll be looki ...

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Staying afloat in the North Sea

Amid stabilising oil prices and a projected global growth of US$30 billion by 2025, Europe’s FPSO market is grappling with changing standards and sustainability issues.At the same time, an ageing workforce, manpower shortages and rising costs continue to pose significant challenges for Eur ...

Life in the North Sea: The Future of FPSO Life Extensions

The topic of life extension of FPSO projects has gotten an increasing amount of attention over the last five years, especially since the 2014 downturn saw oil and gas firms focusing more intensely on cost-saving and long-term solutions.Aside from minimising expenditure, FPSO life extension ...

The economy of autonomy: Boon or bane for FPSOs?

Among the numerous changes Europe's FPSO market has had to consider or make in order to ensure long-term success, low-manned — and often, autonomous — FPSOs have been a hot topic. B ...

Northern Upturn — FPSO Progress in Europe

Between 2020 and 2027, at least nine FPSO projects are set to develop or relocate in Europe, where shorter project lifespans and smaller fields translate to lower breakeven prices (approximately US$35/bbl) secure profitable projects for oil companies. Now that oil prices are stabilising at about ...

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Digital Media Kit

FPSO Network is regions largest online community of FPSO professionals. Our mission is to provide tailored online learning and development opportunities and to drive continued industry collaboration across the FPSO sector. Get your copy of the Digital Media Kit to view our 2020 online event calendar, digital packages and pricing!

FPSO Global Sponsorship & Exhibition Prospectus

Stay at the forefront of your key prospects’ minds! The FPSO Global Events provides the ‘perfect platform’ to network with potential buyers who are aggressively seeking solutions in this market. Take a look our Sponsorship & Exhibition Prospectus to see a breakdown of our audience, attending companies, past sponsors and...

Predictive Digital Twins for Structural Integrity Management

Presented by: Andrew Young, VP of Projects & Delivery and Chris Smith, Northern Europe Sales Director of Akselos at FPSO Europe 2019

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Redeployment of FPSO Aoka Mizu to the North Sea

Learn more from Boris Rijnten, Project Manager, Bluewater who presented on the redeployment of FPSO Aoka Mizu to the North Sea at the 2019 FPSO Europe Congress. Download the presentation slides to read more. 

FPSO Redeployment – How to Harvest the Opportunities of Existing FPSOs

Presented by Egbert Vrijen, Department Head, Tender Management, BluewaterLearn how to:Evaluate the feasibility of redeployments as a cost-effective solution to monetise oil fieldVerify the early scope of requirements and field economics for an ideal vessel-field fitMitigate the potential technical and economic risks in marginal fieldsDownload the presentation slides to learn...

Headlining Good Concept Definition to Reduce Whole-of-Lifecycle Costs

As we continue preparing our programme for the FPSO Europe Congress 2019, I wanted to share some of the top speaker presentations from the 2018 Congress:Headlining Good Concept Definition to Reduce Whole-of-Lifecycle CostsPresented by: Simon Bradbury, Chief Operating Officer, The STEAM Oil Production Company 

FPSO Project Update: The Lancaster Project

As we continue preparing our programme for the FPSO Europe Congress 2019, I wanted to share some of the top speaker presentations from the 2018 Congress:FPSO Project Update: The Lancaster ProjectPresented by: Peter Burger, Vice President, Technology, Bluewater

Understanding Structural Integrity Risks with FPSO Relocation on the UKCS to Achieve Optimal Value

As we continue preparing our programme for the FPSO Europe Congress 2019, I wanted to share some of the top speaker presentations from the 2018 Congress:Understanding Structural Integrity Risks with FPSO Relocation on the UKCS to Achieve Optimal Value Presented by: Conrad de Souza, Specialist Structural Integrity Inspector, UK Health &...

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Why Redeployment Is Making Waves in the FPSO Industry

Redeployment has its challenges. Depending on different oil fields and their requirements, amendments to the vessels can be resource and time extensive, and this usually results in significant project delays and budget overruns. However when done right, redeployment certainly makes economic senseDiscoverCharacteristics that made redeployments successfulUpdates on redeployments in the...

The FPSO Contractors Guidebook

The essential easy-to-digest guide to some of the biggest FPSO contractors. It  comes at a time when the oil price stability has resulted in an uptake of FPSO projects and given the industry the confidence to move forward with projects. Download now to get the latest updates on the FPSO...

Rystad Energy - FPSO Market Finally Set to Rebound

Exclusively for the FPSO Europe Congress 2019, Rystad Energy has released a report on the state of the FPSO industry. As the market stirs back to life after enduring a couple of years in virtual hibernation, this report looks at new projects for 2019-2021 and explores activities in both the...

Thinking big to win small: Developing Marginal Fields

The financial challenges and technical risks remain high for marginal field development but FPSOs provide a viable solution. New technologies will be key to success in addition to securing lower cost expenditures. In this ebook we explore:How we mitigate the potential technical risks The viability of FPSOS as a solutionCurrent...

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View Attendee List - FPSO Europe Congress 2020

Take a sneak peek at who's attending FPSO Europe Congress 2020. 

View Post-Show Report - FPSO Europe Congress 2020

The FPSO Europe Congress continued to bring industry leaders across the value chain together to share lessons learnt from their own FPSO project, forge meaningful connections amongst the community and most importantly develop exciting business plans beyond 2020. Download the 2020 Post-Show Report to read more.