Post-Congress Workshops - Friday, 4th September 2020

9:00 am - 12:00 pm WORKSHOP C: Becoming A Preferred Supplier To FPSO Contractors As The Market Recovers

Like any paying client, FPSO contractors will look to engage suppliers that have the best fit for their business model and requirements at the best possible price-point. Many of these contractors have existing suppliers which they have worked extensively with over the past fewyears. However, the bad market conditions over the past few years have necessitated the need for FPSO contractors to take a closer look at procurement and their supply chain in order to save costs and streamline operations. As the market has recovered, there could be new opportunities for new suppliers to come on-board and becoming preferred suppliers for future projects. 

Key Learning Objectives include:

  • Delving into the necessary requirements by FPSO contractors
  • ¬∑Exploring potential supply categories in the FPSO sector
  • Structuring a clear strategy to become a preferred supplier for FPSO contractors
  • Identifying competitive advantage over competitors across the entire supply-chain

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm WORKSHOP D: Data-Driven FPSOs: Driving New FPSO Innovations & Breakthroughs with Digitalisation

Mr Abuhasan Sahibjan - Vice President, Technical & Maintenance, BW Offshore

Key Learning Objectives include:

  • Assessing the advantages of leveraging data analytics to drive a virtual, dynamic FPSO simulation model in design and construction
  • Enabling informed real-time decision making with captured data from FPSO operations
  • Reducing FPSO downtime through predictive performance monitoring and inspection analysis

Mr Abuhasan Sahibjan

Vice President, Technical & Maintenance
BW Offshore