09 - 12 September, 2019 |

Pre-Conference Workshops - Monday, 3rd September 2018

9:00 am - 12:00 pm WORKSHOP A - FPSO 101: Understanding Crucial FPSO Systems And How To Integrate Them To Improve Vessel Efficiency And Reliability

As more oil companies seek cost-efficient ways to develop marginal fields and look for more innovative solutions to monetize existing ones, it is crucial to understand how FPSOs fit into the entire field development. This workshop will examine the various FPSO models and systems available and takes a closer look at various vessels that are currently in operations. This workshop aims to help industry professionals to:
-           Understand how FPSOs fits into a field development
-           Justify the multi-million investment into building a FPSO
-           Examine the difference between new-builds vs converted FPSOs
-           Gain deeper insights into the various main components of a FPSO
-           Integrate the different modules and systems into a more efficient and reliable vessel
Who is this workshop for?
·          FPSO Project Managers
·          Field Development Managers
·          Heads of Engineering
·          Construction Managers
·          Technical Managers
·          Operations Managers

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm WORKSHOP B - Leveraging on China for Various FPSO solutions

More oil companies and FPSO contractors are looking at China for solutions to their FPSO. From ship-building to other types of solutions, China is fast becoming a credible and reliable supplier for the FPSO market. This workshop aims to let industry practitioners understand the various offerings that Chinese companies have to offer to the FPSO market and examine the best ways to leverage on Chinese companies to reduce costs.
-           Understanding the services currently provided by Chinese companies to the FPSO market
-           Examining ways to engage and leverage on Chinese companies for existing and future FPSO projects
-           Understanding the pros and cons of engaging Chinese companies for FPSO projects
Who is this workshop for?
-           FPSO Project Managers
-           Commercial Managers
-           Heads of Engineering
-           Technical Managers
-           Operations Managers