Pre-Congress Workshops - Tuesday, 1st September 2020

9:00 am - 12:00 pm Workshop A:COVID-19 Implication: Critical Contract Management Tips to Resolve Contract Disputes and Remove Conflicts

Mr Uzoma Victor Correia - Contracts Manager, BW Offshore

As COVID-19 spreads around the globe, it is having a major negative effect on international business and disrupting numerous global supply chains, including the FPSO industry. Countless contracts are being disrupted by factory shutdowns in the areas most affected by COVID-19. In recent weeks, thousands of force majeure were issued however, COVID-19 will not give rise to a valid force majeure defense under every contract and in every circumstance, as different contracts and governing laws stipulate different requirements for different situations. Companies are therefore need to proactively manage the related risks and carefully assess which party must ultimately bear the financial losses and conflicts caused by COVID-19.

Key Learning Objectives include:

  • Managing legal risk when confronted with immediate supply chain problems to create a more robust supply framework for the future
  • Analysing the risk allocation under each contract separately to develop the best risk management strategy and to best avoid project conflicts with other stakeholders
  • Managing contract disputes proactively to resolve them efficiently with measures to minimize COVID-19 problems in the future

Mr Uzoma Victor Correia

Contracts Manager
BW Offshore

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm WORKSHOP B: Forging Closer Relationship With Oil & FPSO Companies For Effective Collaboration & Cooperation Across The Entire Value Chain

Mr Curtis Lohr - Former Project Director - Stones, Shell

When it comes to project execution, oil companies and FPSO contractors can sometimes approach it quite differently. With the many projects coming online, it is crucial that both parties find common ground with each other and also work with every vendor across the supply chain.

Key Learning Objectives include:

  • Explore how oil companies and FPSO contractors can work on early alignment
  • Understanding the critical decisions made by both oil companies and FPSO contractors for a win-win project execution strategy that is both sustainable and efficient
  • Understanding the dynamic working relationship between FPSO contractors and companies
  • Assessing potential areas for collaboration and partnerships to improve project execution strategy 

Mr Curtis Lohr

Former Project Director - Stones