09 - 12 September, 2019 |

Vincent Jacquemet

Oil and Gas Digital Consulting Director
Schneider Electric

Conference Day 2 - Wednesday, 5th September 2018

11:50 AM How IoT And Digital Solutions Will Help Optimise Construction And Operations Of FPSOs

As the industry responds to the disruption of 2014 and we are settling into the new norm of the $50 barrel price recovery, oil and gas production companies are embracing new FPSO greenfield projects and the operations of existing ones with a new mind-set to remain profitable.

Digital transformation has raised as a “new” creative solution to transform FPSO asset lifecycle, from engineering and design to operations and maintenance.
Industry figures show that only about 1% of data actually gets used. IIOT applied to the Digital FPSO overcomes the traditional approach to keeping operations silo`d and independent from each other, towards integration. Digitalization is enabling the capture and transfer of tribal knowledge and best practices from individuals to organizations to enable decision making.

During this session we will explore how a digital architecture enables transformation by unlocking data value – from Digital Twin to operations, asset management, predictive maintenance and 3d virtual technology training, analytics deliver measurable improvements that result in CapEx and OpEx savings.

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