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The Future of Floating Production: Six Things You Need to Know Now
It's no secret that the floating production market is suffering during the current low oil price. The lack of new contracts has forced industry players to drastically reduce costs, affecting both personnel and spending. But despite this gloomy...
Contributor: Jim McCaul
FPSOs Through the Ages: The FPSO Development Timeline

This unique infograph outlines the origins of the FPSO industry and its development over the years, charting the peaks and troughs of the market environment. Although the market is slow at present, as this look back at the history shows, this...

Contributor: FPSO Network
[Slides] Identifying Current and Future Opportunities for LNG Purchasing in the Context of FLNG for Japan and Asia

In this presentation, Yasushi Sakakibara, Chief Representative of the Asia Pacific Regional Office of Tokyo Gas Co. Ltd., outlines current developments in the Japanese LNG market and sheds light on the future outlook, in regards to LNG...

How has the Low Oil Price Affected FLNG Development?
In this interview, Rene Van Vliet, COO at NextDecade, explains how the current low oil price has affected FLNG development and when the number of projects will really take off. This presentation took place at the FLNG World Congress in...
How Will Market Trends Affect the FPSO Industry - Interview with Dave Hartell, Premier Oil

In this interview, Dave Hartell, Senior Development Manager, Sea Lion, Premier Oil, explains how the current low oil price is impacting the FPSO industry.

Efficiency is Key for FPSO Industry - Interview with Hassan Basma
In this interview, Hassan Basma of HBA Offshore, gives a very detailed overview of the state of the FPSO industry. Due to geopolitical changes and the rise of shale oil, the FPSO industry must go through some difficult changes to restructure and...