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What does 2020 hold for the Brazil FPSO market?

Last year, IHS Markit Brazil noted that the Brazilian market began 2019 free from most of the uncertainties that concerned operators and suppliers in recent years. The international offshore market was also in a growth trend, with enough room for investments and activity to recover.

How then is 2020 shaping up for the FPSO Brazil market? The FPSO Brazil Congress team spoke with Carlos Rocha, Director of IHS Markit, and came up with this article. Download now to discover:

  • New bidding rounds
  • 2020 updates
  • Bids closed
  • Global outlook for 2020 and beyond

How can we balance CAPEX and OPEX?

For many in the FPSO industry the issue of balancing CAPEX and OPEX remains a thorn in their side.

FPSO projects are resource-intensive with high CAPEX on top of high operating and maintenance costs (high OPEX). This puts pressure on the industry to continuously evolve the business models and tap into innovations to achieve commercial success. What can projects do to balance the CAPEX and OPEX?

We spoke with Eduardo Chamusca de Azevedo, Country Director – SBM Brazil and Felipe Baldissera Gabriel, Commercial and Contracts Manager, MODEC to get their thoughts.

Expert Insights on FPSO Contract Modelling

Like its European counterparts, Brazil’s FPSO market has seen increased activity of late. Needless to say, contract models remain a major factor for the industry — whether a company wants to build, own, operate or transfer a vessel will affect the type of contract it uses. Here we explore ways in which the industry is approaching fast- tracking FPSO projects.

With expert insight from Felipe Baldissera Gabriel from MODEC, Filipe Costa from Yinson and Jorge Luiz Mitidieri, OCYAN, we deep dive into the key changes; the main pros and cons of certain contracting models as well as external factors.

Download the article to explore ways in which the industry is approaching fast- tracking FPSO projects.

The IHS Markit Brazil FPSO Report

In this comprehensive report, IHS Markit have put together a macro view of the political and economical landscape in Brazil, demonstrating the effect on the FPSO industry. The report also provides key upstream results from 2018 and a look at how 2019 and beyond is beginning to shape up. 

The is your go to guide for understanding the Brazilian FPSO industry today. download now to discover:

  • Important achievements in the Brazil FPSO industry from 2018
  • The first effects of the new government on the oil and gas industry
  • Trends that developed in 2018 and are now strengthened for 2019  

Download the report to read more. 

How international players can navigate the Brazilian FPSO market

Brazil is one of the world’s foremost Oil and Gas leaders. The previously “closed” economy is now open to the world thanks to new local content policy and regulations set in place.

Here we explore the latest local content updates and what it means for the international market in regard to project execution models and working with local teams.

We also talk with Pietro Ferreira, Senior Regional Analyst at the Energy Industries Council’s (EIC) regional office in Rio de Janeiro about his take on the local content requirements and regulatory changes occurring in Brazil. 

Download the article to read more.

How to Fast-Track Projects in the Brazilian Market

Brazil is seen to be a key driver of the FPSO market over the next few years. Therefore to maximize this window of opportunity, project execution and development need to be fast-tracked as much as possible. 

With input from industry leaders in the Brazil market, we explore different ways in which the industry can do so. 

Download the article to learn more.