Offshore Oil & Gas HSE Forum

Driving Robust Offshore HSE Development through Safety Risk Preparedness and Technological Advancement

Offshore oil and gas exploration and production is moving further offshore and deeper underwater as energy companies seek to find more sources for oil production. When operating in such highly technically challenging regions, oil companies are pushing safety boundaries where offshore personnel are working in severe conditions, where a minor human or technical error an cause a massive accident with serious consequences resulting in fatalities, environmental damages and a reputational damage for the company.      

Hence energy companies need to continuously assess and advance a culture of safety with respect to the evolving health and safety standards in these high-risk operating environments. At the same time, the offshore HSE personnel need to learn how to unlock new innovation and maximise available tools for reduced risk exposure and maximum efficiency in these hostile environments.

Learn best practices and practical aspects, as well as, technology advancements in managing offshore safety challenges and mitigating offshore safety risks at the Offshore Oil & Gas HSE Forum 2019.

Join offshore HSE experts to learn how to:

  • Develop safety leadership and organisational safety transformation to effectively manage offshore personal in high risk environments 
  • Minimise risk exposure in frontier offshore operations through advanced risk mitigation and process safety frameworks 
  • Maintain safe and resilient offshore operations with evolving technology, people, designs and processes 

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