Ass. Prof. Wai Lam Loh

Associate Professor National University Of Singapore

Prof LOH Wai Lam has been involved in oil & gas for more than 29 years. He has practised as Senior Project Engineer, Project Manager, Consultant and Head of R&D in the UK for several oil & gas and related companies for more than 16 years, before joining the National University of Singapore 13 years ago in 2006. During this time he has led and managed numerous multi-disciplinary consortium R&D projects for the Oil & Gas Industry relating to oil & gas production, subsea processing and transportation, etc. He has also successfully invented, patented and developed numerous novel devices and systems for the oil & gas Industry. Through his innovative work, Prof Loh has received several prestigious international awards including THE ROYAL SOCIETY Esso Energy Award and Gold Medal in 1998 and the Special Meritorious Award for Engineering Innovation at the Offshore Technology Conference from Hart’s Petroleum International, USA, in 1999.

Prof Loh is a Chartered Engineer and a Member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. He graduated from University of Manchester in UK, where he did his BEng, MSc and PhD. His current research areas includes subsea processing, flow assurance, multiphase pumps and ejectors, multiphase flow metering, compact oil/water/gas separation and produced water management.

Prof Loh is also the Programme Manager for Subsea Systems and Transportation, for the Centre of Offshore Research & Engineering (CORE) in NUS.

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