The FPSO World Congress Young Talent Initiative

Are you a young engineer in the FPSO industry or know someone who is?

The FPSO industry is ageing, and like the rest of the oil and gas industry, must consider what happens when experienced heads start leaving the business. Can the industry replace them with young, bright and upcoming talent? Are the young professionals of today ready and equipped to address tomorrow's -- or even today's -- challenges?

While there are no simple solutions, one key step forward is through cross-generational communication and engagement. It is with this in mind that we are pleased to introduce the FPSO World Congress Young Talent Initiative, a special incentive to support up-and-coming young engineers in the FPSO industry who are typically unable to participate in high-level industry forums.

Here’s How It Works:

Young engineers aged 28 and under working in the FPSO industry are eligible to attend the full FPSO World Congress at a discounted rate of SGD$899 – that’s more than 75% in savings off the standard Congress delegate price. Whether employed with an end user (oil company or FPSO contractor) or solutions provider (EPC or technology provider), if your work supports the FPSO industry, you may be eligible for the Young Talent Initiative*.

Here’s What You Get:

Two full days of access to the 17th Annual FPSO World Congress:

  • Understand macro industry trends, hear the challenges industry executives are facing and discover the latest FPSO project updates in the Congress plenary sessions
  • Engage with technical professionals on the practical challenges of FPSO design, project execution and operations in our dedicated stream sessions and panels
  • Take part in face-to-face, personal discussions with leading FPSO decision-makers in two dedicated Young Talent Roundtable Lunches in the technology hall (see below) to discuss where the oil and gas industry is headed, gain insights from their professional journeys and learn how you can scaffold your career development in the industry
  • Most importantly, make connections with senior stakeholders and other young professionals in the FPSO industry to understand how you can advance your career and thrive in the oil and gas industry

Day 1 Roundtable Lunches in the Technology Hall

Evolving Your Career Within The Changing Oil & Gas Industry Landscape with Jeffrey Sim, Chief Operating Officer, Rubicon Offshore

As a young professional in the FPSO and offshore oil and gas industry, you and your peers have likely wondered more than once where the oil and gas industry is heading amidst the current low oil price environment, and where your career will go with it. This roundtable discussion will examine what the future looks like for the offshore oil and gas industry, and explore the challenges – and most importantly the benefits – of developing your career in the sector.

  • Expectation vs reality of a career in oil & gas industry in 2016: what are the emerging industry trends?
  • Where do opportunities lie for young talent in the offshore oil and gas industry, both in the near term and for lasting career growth?
  • Which disciplines are in demand right now and in the years to come? How can you be a part of bridging the industry’s competency gap?
  • How did industry veterans make it through previous oil market downturns?

Enabling Knowledge Transfer and Aligning Communication Between Generations

As senior oil and gas professionals retire from the industry, a wealth of knowledge leaves with them. This discussion will address how to retain this industry expertise and continuity of knowledge, so as not to repeat the same mistakes.

It will further open a dialogue on the communication disconnect between generations who have developed their skills in different ways, be it through physical labor vs modern tools and technology. Is one path “easier” than the other? Are traditional processes and ways of thought the most efficient?

  • Overcoming the practical challenges faced on projects vs ideals from modeling schematics
  • Influencing management and challenging entrenched practices in proactive ways
  • How can young talent come up with creative solutions to solve today’s challenges?

Day 2 Roundtable Lunches in the Technology Hall

Growing As A Leader in the Oil & Gas Industry: What’s In Your Toolbox?

Today’s project execution environment is vastly different from previous generations. From technological innovations in equipment and processes to digitization and the onset of big data and increased connectivity, young professionals are expected to hold varied and cross-functional expertise.

This discussion will explore what key criteria young professions require to advance their careers in the industry, as well as strategies to facing typical challenges to growth and promotion:

  • What skillsets do oil & gas managers require from young professionals in today’s environment?
  • Transitioning into senior roles: productivity and accountability as a touchstone
  • Overcoming common concerns and barriers faced by young talent in the industry

Harnessing Your Potential: Where Can The Oil & Gas Industry Take You?

with Nicolas Bigle, Turret/Mooring System Lead, Premier Oil

What do you look for in your ideal career? Innovative and exiting challenges, international travel and exposure to several cultures, professional autonomy? While past generations sought stability and long-term careers in a single role, young professionals today seek different characteristics in their career development. In this session, Premier Oil’s Turret/Mooring System Lead Nicolas Bigle shares his personal experience in the oil and gas industry, discussing:

  • Cultural literacy, travel and dynamism: unique challenges and opportunities as an oil and gas professional
  • Broadening your role, work scope exposure and responsibilities within the industry
  • Factors that can hopefully help you succeed as a young professional

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