7 September 2021 - Main Congress Day 1

8:00 am - 9:00 am Morning Refreshments & Registration

9:10 am - 9:20 am Welcome Address by FPSO Network

9:20 am - 9:30 am Opening Remarks by Congress Chairman

David Hartell - Managing Director, Stellae Energy

David Hartell

Managing Director
Stellae Energy

Energy Transition & Market Opportunities

9:30 am - 10:10 am Industry Power Panel | Re-Imagining the Future FPSO with an Increased Emphasis on Low-Carbon and Low-Manned Developments

David Hartell - Managing Director, Stellae Energy
Filipe Costa - Managing Director, Yinson Boronia Production
Eric Van Dijk - Vice President – Project Development, MODEC
  • Embracing the energy transition and trends, and how the FPSO market has to evolve
  • Maximising the untapped potential of digital – latest tools and technology the market has to embrace
  • Re-establishing standards in FPSO commercial, engineering and operations

David Hartell

Managing Director
Stellae Energy


Filipe Costa

Managing Director
Yinson Boronia Production


Eric Van Dijk

Vice President – Project Development

10:10 am - 10:50 am Taking an Evolved Approach in Managing Large Capital FPSO Project Lifecycles

  • Navigating key challenges involved in managing large scale projects in high-risk environment due to stringent regulations
  • Optimising solutions and services for FPSO operators and energy companies by focusing on key pillars positioned to deliver consistent and standardised global projects while reducing cost, risk and schedule
  • Accelerating digital transformation through technology development to maximise the economic value of FPSOs

10:50 am - 11:20 am Morning Break & Refreshments

11:20 am - 12:00 pm Understanding How the FPSO Industry can Contribute with Climate Actions in the Energy Transition

  • Meeting expectations from the community, customers, shareholders and financial institutions
  • Designing a systematic approach to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from FPSOs
  • Setting a new standard for decarbonisation towards 2030

12:00 pm - 12:40 pm Fronting the “Low-Carbonisation” of FPSOs Alongside the Energy Transition

  • Evolving with a two-pronged approach for FPSOs to remain relevant through the energy transition
  • Re-aligning FPSO project objectives and innovating processes from the beginning
  • Identifying short-term quick-cuts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the project lifecycle
  • Harnessing digitisation tools to support the energy transition in the long-run

12:40 pm - 1:40 pm Lunch Break

Stream A | FPSO Design, Topsides & Construction Excellence

1:40 pm - 2:20 pm Streamlining the Engineering, Construction and Installation Phase for Greater Efficiency

Stream A | FPSO Design, Topsides & Construction Excellence

2:20 pm - 3:00 pm A Modular Approach to an All-Membrane FPSO Water Injection Plant to Reduce Operating Costs
  • Taking a close look at the world’s first all-membrane water injection plant under construction
  • Why a modular design approach will reduce costs and construction time
  • How being a membrane manufacturer enables ‘membranes as a service’ partnerships for operators

Stream A | FPSO Design, Topsides & Construction Excellence

3:00 pm - 3:40 pm Understanding the Power of Integration and Planning Across Domains to Drive High FPSO Performance
  • Unlocking synergy through early field development and planning to optimise project timeline
  • Driving the early adoption of digital tools to enable operational efficiency
  • Leveraging integrated offerings to drive both growth and efficiency

Stream B | FPSO Digitalisation

1:40 pm - 2:20 pm Harnessing Predictive and Data Analytics for Better Insights on Operations and Maintenance

Stream B | FPSO Digitalisation

2:20 pm - 3:00 pm Managing FPSO Vessel Performance through Digital Twins Technology
  • Boosting the reliability and maintenance of assets through the digital twins technology
  • Reducing reliance on manpower and speeding up review process of asset functionality
  • Increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness through digital twins

Stream B | FPSO Digitalisation

3:00 pm - 3:40 pm Embracing the Role of Digitalisation in Optimising Turret Mooring Systems Design and Operations
  • Optimising turret design for digitalisation to maximise asset reliability
  • Monitoring and evaluating the performance of the entire mooring system using AI and predictive maintenance to improve production uptime
  • Leveraging FPSO system digitalisation for data transfer, communication, robotics and etc. to operate in the most cost-effective manner 

3:40 pm - 4:10 pm Afternoon Break & Refreshments

Maximising FPSO Field Potential

4:10 pm - 4:50 pm Commercialising Smaller and Residual Oil Fields Using Redeployed FPSOs

  • Leveraging redeployment strategies as an economical method for marginal fields
  • Assessing how FPSOs can be constructed more generically to suit different field requirements
  • Developing effective strategies in connecting FPSOs to complex reservoir structures

4:50 pm - 5:30 pm Market Intelligence Updates | Understanding E&P Activities and the FPSO Markets Following the Pandemic and Energy Transition

Kelvin Sam - Principal Analyst, Engineering and Fabrication, IHS Markit
  • Recognising the impact of global market conditions and environmental priorities on the FPSO industry
  • Discussing where the FPSO market lies amidst the enhanced emphasis on clean and renewable energy
  • Exploring FPSO market opportunities and identifying regional hotspots over the next 3 years 

Kelvin Sam

Principal Analyst, Engineering and Fabrication
IHS Markit

5:30 pm - 5:30 pm Chairman’s Closing Remarks and End of Congress Day 1