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View Full Event Guide - FPSO World Congress 2020

Mark your calendars and save the dates from 1 - 4 September, as the FPSO World Congress is back for the 21st time! In 2019, we focused on where the market opportunities were and addressing issues as the industry is on the upturn. This year, we will be looking at spea ...

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What FPSO Projects Are In The Pipeline Up Until 2030?

With thanks to information supplied by IHS Markit, we have produced a bird’s eye view on the FPSO projects around the world that are currently under construction.

FPSO Project Awards (2018 – 2020)

With thanks to information supplied by Rystad Energy, this map represents the projects most likely to be awarded globally in 2018 – 2020

Where does the FPSO Industry Go From Here?

How is the FPSO industry faring as we enter the second half of 2018? We explore funding and creating bankable projects in our discussion piece: What’s In-store for FPSOs in 2018 and Beyond featuring exclusive insight from a financier’s perspective. 

Survey Result: FPSO In Recovery Mode

The FPSO market is making a comeback. As optimism grows, we surveyed hundreds of professionals about their strategies and priorities. Download this infographic for the survey results.  

How digitalisation can drive innovation in the FPSO industry

The oil price stability has resulted in an uptake of FPSO projects, giving oil companies the confidence to move forward. As it looks to the future, the industry needs to be strict on cost yet improve efficiency and maintain safety standards. To explore how this can be achieved, we spoke...

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Digitalization and Technology - Steering the Future of FPSOs

We are living through unprecedented times. The global COVID-19 pandemic has caused travel restrictions and social lockdowns, contributing to market instability. Drastic measures taken to ease the spread of the virus restricts many of the key processes of the oil and gas industry. With oil prices hovering around the $42...

Project Executive Strategies to Remain Cost Effective

The painful experience from the 2010s oil glut has prompted the industry to focus on existing investments, implement cost-control measures, mitigate project supply disruptions, and continue to drive innovations forward to keep the industry going. Along with industry partners Royal IHC, Maersk Supply Service and HfW, the FPSO Network has...

Fighting the Double Whammy

The FPSO Network has put together this exclusive report which includes perspectives from several industry leaders on navigating the ripple effects from the volatile oil prices and the global COVID-19 pandemic. Our expert contributors share their insights into the new approaches FPSO leaders today must consider to counteract and de-risk...

Staying Resilient in the Battle Ahead of Another Oil Rout

Ahead of the FPSO World Congress, the FPSO Network has put together this market report, which includes key lessons that the industry has learnt previously. It is now more important than ever to drive these innovative business models and cost-savings efforts during this unpredictable time, to boost favourable project economics...

IHS Markit Report - FPSO Projects in the Pipeline

In 2019, we saw a positive market sentiment due to stabilising oil price and encouraging government regulations in oil-rich regions, it was predicted to have more FPSO projects coming online and being commissioned. Moving into 2020, the sudden COVID-19 disruption and the oil price war have shaken the FPSO industry....

The State of the FPSO Market 2019 - Full Report

This is the full detailed report from the State of the FPSO Market 2019 (Infographic) content. For 2019 and beyond we surveyed industry leaders and examined how FPSO professionals feel about the future of the sector.Deep dive into the report to discover industry answers on topics such as:Project delivery and...

What are the key digital solutions for the FPSO industry?

The reason to digitalise anything is to change the status quo. Applied correctly, digitalisation could revolutionise the FPSO industry. As concerted efforts are made to improve project economics, digitalisation can help with evaluating and analysing data, improve cost savings, safety as well as technical and operational capabilities.Digital transformation requires a...

What FPSO Projects are in the Pipeline

Given the positive market sentiments due to stabilising oil price and encouraging government regulations in oil-rich regions, there are more FPSO projects coming online and being commissioned.With information provided by IHS Markit we have produced a region by region view on the FPSO projects around the world that are currently...

Why China is Setting Sail for Success in the FPSO Market

China is increasingly becoming a behemoth player in the international FPSO market. Signs point towards it taking precedence in the global market due to its development of expertise and production advancement.In this report we spoke with David Boggs, founder and Managing Director of market intelligence firm Energy Maritime Associates on...

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FPSO World Congress Live! 2020 Post Show Report

Amidst this challenging time, the FPSO Network is extremely thankful to have the continued support of the community; our sponsors, speakers, partners and of course all attendees to the first virtual FPSO World Congress. Held on 1 – 4 and 8 September, we saw over 1,600 attendees join us at...

FPSO Network: Digital Media Kit

FPSO Network is regions largest online community of FPSO professionals. Our mission is to provide tailored online learning and development opportunities and to drive continued industry collaboration across the FPSO sector. Get your copy of the Digital Media Kit to view our 2020 online event calendar, digital packages and pricing!

Investment Report - FPSO World Congress

2019-2020 looks set to become the biggest period of growth in the history of the FPSO market with predictions that it will reach over USD 30 billion by 2025. We asked solution providers and industry partners catering to the FPSO market how things sat with regard to investment opportunities. We...

2020 Sponsorship & Exhibition Prospectus

Stay at the forefront of your key prospects’ minds! The FPSO World Congress 2020 provides the ‘perfect platform’ to network with potential buyers who are aggressively seeking solutions in this market. Take a look our Sponsorship & Exhibition Prospectus to see a breakdown of our Audience BreakdownPackagesNew opportunitiesEmail us for...

FPSO World Congress 2019 - Attendees

Take a look at our 2019 Attendee Snapshot to see who were there and who you can expect to meet again at our next show.If you would like to get a copy of this report sent to you directly, click here.

Additional Event Information

2019 FPSO World Congress Post-Show Report

2019 was a defining year for the FPSO World Congress. Following the subdued oil markets in the recent years, 2019 showed tangible and positive signs of recovery and this was reflected in the increased turnout from both oil operators and FPSO contractors at the show. Download our 2019 post-show report...


In this highly interactive segment, delegates will have the opportunity to take part in discuss 2 out of the 13 major issues affecting the global FPSO industry. Each delegate will start at the first topic of their choice and engage in free-flowing discussion, led by a topic leader. At the...

View Post-Show Report - FPSO World Congress Live! 2020

Amidst this challenging time, the FPSO Network is extremely thankful to have the continued support of the community; our sponsors, speakers, partners and of course all attendees to the first virtual FPSO World Congress. Held on 1 – 4 and 8 September, we saw over 1,600 attendees join us at...

Past Presentations

Karish Gas Development - Delivering Mediterranean's 1st Deep Offshore Gas Focused FPSO On-time & On Budget

We would like to share with you one of our top presentations at last year's CongressHear from Vincent Reboul Salze, Project Director - Karish Epcic, at Energean on the Karish Gas Development. Key insights from this expert presentation include: Delving into the EPC contracting strategy to deploy Energean's world class...

Digitisation of FPSO: An Essential Mean of Reducing Operational Costs in Offshore Fields

presented by Vincent Jacquement, Digital Consulting Director Oil & Gas, Schneider ElectricIn this presentation, Vincent would touch on: Oil & Gas Market and Digital Transformation Managing the Cost Reduction Imperative Benefits with the Digital Twin(s) Benefits from More Analytics Benefits of 3 Key Integrations The Way Moving ForwardDownload the presentation...

Maximising FPSO Performance & Value with Automation

presented by Mahaveer Prabu Thangaraj, FPSO - Automation Engineer, Equinor

2019 Speaker Interviews

Sergio Peirano

Sclumberger's Sergio Peirano shares his thoughts on this year's congress, as well as where the APAC FPSO market is headed in the near future.

Soichi Ide

MODEC Group's chief digital officer Soichi Ide talks about the relationship between FPSO contractors and E&P companies.

Srinivas Tati

Kongsberg Maritime's VP of sales and global business development shares his projections for the future of FPSO in APAC at the recent FPSO World Congress in Singapore.

Vincent Reboul Salze

At the recent FPSO World Congress 2019, Energean's Vincent Reboul Salze revealed how companies can deliver FPSO projects on time and within budget.

Michael Mirabelli

MODEC International project director Michael Mirabelli on expediting FPSO projects and FEED's role in reducing capital expenditure.

Grant McPherson

Penspen's APAC regional sales and marketing director, Grant McPherson, shares his thoughts on the future of FPSO in APAC.

Filipe Costa

At this year's FPSO World Congress, we spoke with Yinson Production's project manager of FPSO and production units, Filipe Costa, about FEED investment.

Eric van Dijk

We spoke to Eric van Dijk, VP of project development at MODEC International, about FPSO contracting models and how to maintain cost effectiveness without compromising on innovation.

Duncan Peace

Crondall Energy's group MD Duncan Peace talks to us about sustainability and maximising FPSO productivity at the FPSO World Congress 2019.

Curtis Lohr

At this year's FPSO World Congress, we spoke to Shell's former project director Curtis Lohr about budget, cost-effectiveness and safety for FPSO projects.

Craig Hobkirk

We spoke to Suez's corporate accounts leader Craig Hobkirk about FPSO sustainability in APAC at the FPSO World Congress 2019.

Chris Dolan

Maersk Supply Services' Chris Dolan enlightens us on the biggest trends and opportunities in APAC's FPSO market.

Alex Tan

ST Engineering Geo-Insights' Alex Tan shared his key takeaways with us at the recent FPSO World Congress 2019 in Singapore.

Ashley Manners

Suez BDM Ashley Manners tells us where he sees the APAC FPSO market heading at the FPSO WOrld Congress 2019.

Arun Duggal

SOFEC's Arun Duggal spoke to us about turret mooring systems at the this year's FPSO World Congress in Singapore.