2021 Calendar of FPSO Events

FPSO Europe Congress Live 2021 (Online Event)

17 February 2021 | Wednesday

The FPSO Europe Congress Live 2021 is a one-day event focused on the Oil market in Europe and FPSO project development opportunities in the region, especially amidst the global pandemic.

Digital Twins for FPSOs (Online Event)

9 March 2021 | Tuesday

Digital Twins for FPSOs is a one-day online event specially designed for industry leaders within the FPSO sector to explore practical solutions in deploying Digital Twins technology within existing vessels and operations to achieve increased reliability, availability and output capacity

FPSO Life Extension & Redeployment (Online Event)

14 April 2021 | Wednesday

FPSO Life Extension & Redeployment is a one-day online event exploring the feasibility of redeployment as a strategy for the industry to cope with the volatile climate. Bringing FPSO industry leaders together, the event will also discuss effective life extension strategies to achieve more mileage from aging vessels and assets.

Remote Inspection for FPSOs Online (Online Event)

25 May 2021 | Tuesday

The COVID-19 pandemic enforced stringent global travel restrictions which made inspections of FPSO vessels offshore not viable. As a result, the demand for remote inspection practices increased tremendously. At the one-day Remote Inspection for FPSOs Online, we explore how this technology can help FPSO project leaders ensure continued inspection through this crisis.

FPSO Operational Excellence & Asset Integrity Management (Online Event)

17 June 2021 | Thursday

The FPSO Operational Excellence & Asset Integrity Management Online is a one-day event designed for Operations, Facilities, Vessel, Project, Asset and Asset Integrity managers that will focus on best practices around effective AIM strategies to achieve operational excellence.
Low-Manned FPSOs (Online Event)

8 July 2021 | Thursday 

Low-Manned FPSOs Online will bring industry leaders in the FPSO sector together to discuss the technology and tools available for low-manned FPSOs which will in turn improve operational safety, reduce human error and streamline maintenance processes for FPSO projects.

FPSO World Congress 2021 (Hybrid)

7 - 8 September 2021 | Tuesday & Wednesday

The FPSO World Congress 2021 (Hybrid Edution) is the focal point for industry players from all the regions to assess upcoming FPSO investment opportunities, the latest technology innovations and engineering breakthroughs plus operations excellence across the FPSO project lifecycle.

FPSO Brasil Congress 2021 (In-Person)

9 - 10 November 2021 | Tuesday & Wednesday

FPSO Brazil Congress 2021 will be the largest FPSO-dedicated Congress the Brazilian community has ever seen – bringing fresh perspectives and new participants ranging from project development and execution through to operations, focusing on new topics like changing models, increasing emergence of EPCs, operational readiness, digital FPSOs, maximising local industry capacity and more.


**Dates and topics are subject to change.