SAACKE Marine Systems wins FLNG contract

Katie Woodward

SAAKCE Marine Systems has received an initial order from JGC Corporation to deliver a complete high temperature water boiler system for Petronas’ second FLNG facility.

The system consists of a fired hot water boiler with a dual-fuel burner, and two heat recovery units.

Commenting on the order, Peter Breidenich, Director Business Unit Marine Systems, said: "Japan is a key international shipbuilding market for SAACKE. That’s why the order is a great success for our company, particularly in relation to the current market situation."

The SAACKE heat recovery units utilise the hot flue gas generated by gas turbines to produce hot water for the heating system. The capacity of this waste heat recovery heater (WHRH) is 24.2 MW hot water (outlet temperature 210°C, 31.1 barg).

The hot water is used for heating purposes and as process heat. If additional capacity is required, or the upstream gas turbines are shut down, the fired SAACKE high temperature water boiler FMW-VD with DDZG dual-fuel burner can take over a part of the heating capacity.

Breidenich continued: "The dual-fuel burner is characterised by its compliance with high environmental standards and its flexibility in the selection of fuel. It can be operated using either gas (LNG) or oil (marine gas oil). The energy-efficient use of waste heat also increases the environmental compatibility and efficiency of the system."

The hot water heater and the WRHU will be manufactured at SAACKE’s Chinese production location in Qingdao while the burners and system control technology will be designed and produced at the head office in Bremen. The entire system is scheduled for delivery in May 2015.