Digitalization and Technology - Steering the Future of FPSOs

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We are living through unprecedented times. The global COVID-19 pandemic has caused travel restrictions and social lockdowns, contributing to market instability. Drastic measures taken to ease the spread of the virus restricts many of the key processes of the oil and gas industry. With oil prices hovering around the $42 per barrel* mark, the sector wonders what the future will hold. As it looks to the future, the industry is aware it needs to be strict on cost discipline yet improve efficiency and maintain safety standards, areas which digitalization can help with. As concerted efforts are made to improve project economics, digitalization can help with evaluating and analyzing data, improve cost savings, safety as well as technical and operational capabilities.

In this report, we focus more explicitly on how data-driven FPSOs and Digital Twins will steer the future for the industry. It will provide you insights on:

  • Digital transformation to accelerate FPSO projects
  • Data-driven FPSOs
  • Synergizing physical and digital FPSOs
  • Next steps forward